Enjoy Your Trip With This New Recreation

One of the adventure tourist attraction or adventure in the river that you can enjoy in Bali is Canyon Tubing. Canyon Tubing is located in the river in Payangan Village, Gianyar Regency. The location of the river is hidden and has clean water. This tourist attraction is near with tourist attraction in Bali that very popular is Kintamani, so if you come to this place, you can feel the fresh and cool air with the citrus plantation that give you a wonderful view and you will never forget it during you traveled and explore the river that very full with challenging. You can reach this location but you should be pass through the canyon while enjoying the peaceful atmosphere among the lush of the green trees.

Canyon tubing is one of the new recreations that can complete your vacation during in Bali, the activities in the river, such as rafting and river tubing. But the uniqueness in one boat (rubber boat), you must take control of the boat, without supplies of canoe. The water flow is quieter and also the equipment with safety standards, to ensure your comfort during you joins this adventure.

canyon 12

During this adventure tourist attraction, you will ride a boat in the river that located on the sidelines of the cliff, accompanied by a guide who is experienced. For the adventure that spur our adrenaline, we usually hearing about rafting and river tubing, but Canyon Tubing is a new attraction, but if you have been tried it, you will definitely want to try again. Canyon Tubing is one of water sport activity, where the tubing is controlled by only one person, using hands (not paddle like rafting) and then follows the flow of the water.

Different with rafting, in the rubber boat, there are consist of 3 – 6 people include the guide inside of the boat. That almost very similar like this activity is River Tubing, but River Tubing is controlled by 2 people and Canyon Tubing is controlled only 1 people. You can choose and feel the different of the sensation, and all of them offering the uniqueness. If you want the water sport in the river that more challenging, the choice of rafting in Telaga Waja will becomes the ideal recreation place.

canyon 10

It is around two kilometers, you will invites to enjoy the beauty of the river with the beauty of the cliffs along six kilometers. You can also invite your family, friend, or your partner to enjoy the sensation of Canyon Tubing recreation. This tourist experience in Bali is very suitable for you to make the most beautiful memories during your holiday. The prices include transfer hotel, welcome drink, lunch, equipment, and insurance.

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