Let’s Visit The Beautiful Natural Pool in North Bali

Hello Traveler, how are you today? Is that great? Well, today we will discuss about the place that you can visit to spend your vacation. Do you ever thing when visit the natural tourist especially waterfall, you only can see the beauty of charm but can’t enjoy the cool of the water and swimming there? If you really love with the beautiful scenery and can enjoy it directly, so Banyumala Waterfall is the best place that you can visit during spend your holiday in Bali.

banyumala 6
Banyumala Waterfall is located in Wanagiri Village, Sukasada District, Buleleng Regency.
Banyumala Waterfall is located at the bottom of a valley with three sides of the waterfall and the largest and the highest is located in the middle, then the smaller waterfall is located in the right and the left. Precisely under the Banyumala Waterfall, there is a pool that formed naturally and in the fact, this is what makes this waterfall became very famous.

banyumala 5
With the water that’s very clear and calm can make you feel safe to swim in the pool. Because the water that’s very clean, you can see the bottom of this pool if you see from the top although the deepest of the place can reach a depth of 2 meters. The diameter of this pool approximately is about 20 meters with a shape that almost round, so the space is enough for many people who want to swim in the pool.

banyumala 3
Certainly you can spend your vacation in this place all day long with your family, your friend, or your beloved partner while enjoying the fresh and cool air in this place because located in the highland area. So if you come to Bali, you can visit this awesome waterfall and make your vacation become more interesting and of course you will get many experiences from this fantastic place.

banyumala 2

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