Swim and Explore The Golden Valley to Get Your New Experience

If you want to spend your vacation in Bali, I think it is the right choice because in Bali you can find many beautiful places that you can visit and very suitable for you such as the beautiful nature with the fresh air. Do you know, what is that? Yes. That is Waterfall. As you know, Bali is the paradise of the waterfall because there are many beautiful waterfalls in Bali and one of them is Golden Valley Waterfall. From the name of the waterfall it is heard very awesome right? Well let’s check more detail about this waterfall.

Golden Valley Waterfall is located in Munduk Village, Buleleng Regency and the distance is about 70 kilometers from Denpasar City around 2 hours. In Munduk Village itself, there is also the other waterfall namely Munduk Waterfall.

golden 1

Seen from its name, of course Golden Valley Waterfall is located in a valley in Munduk Village because there is located on the private land, this waterfall is owned by individual and also don’t forget to keep this place in so that still clean. You are also can buy a cup of hot coffee while enjoying the awesome scenery around this place. The hot coffee is very delicious because the coffee got directly from the garden here. They are also provide Luwak Coffee and the other some beverage that you can enjoy while enjoying the fresh and cool air that can make the atmosphere more cheerful. The stall itself is built of bamboo with a direct view that right facing toward to the waterfall.

golden 2

Golden Valley Waterfall itself has a high of 15 meters with the clean water, there is also a pool that precisely formed under the waterfall and of course you can swim in that pool. That is flanked by two hills with cool air of the mountains and overgrown with many threes with typical of plantations, such as coffee, cocoa, clove, and so on. The atmosphere is very quiet and very comfortable because there is only one house in this valley. Although privately owned, this waterfall is managed by professional where the owners plant a variety of flowers to decorate and beautify the waterfall area of Golden Valley Waterfall. The access to reach that location is quiet easy, although to reach the waterfall, you should be need down to the valley through the path, and your tired will not be felt because the scenery that is very spectacular and it will be paid when you arrived in the waterfall.

golden 3

So if you want to spend your holiday in Bali, don’t forget to visit this place because besides you can see the beautiful scenery directly, I believe your vacation become more awesome and certainly you will get many experiences from this fantastic place. Happy vacation Guys!


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