Come On Reach This Hidden Beauty in North Bali

Bali is the main tourist destination in Indonesia. Everyone is already aware of it. However, besides has famous places, Bali also has hidden tourist attraction that no less beautiful and unique. One example is a waterfall that located in Les Village. Les waterfall tourist attraction is located in Les Village, Tejakula District, Buleleng Regency, Bali. If you really like to explore the exoticism of North Bali, Les waterfall is the best choice to visit. This new tourist attraction is located in Les Village, in the east of Buleleng Regency. It is about 38 kilometers from Singaraja City and about 50 kilometers from Lovina area.

Les waterfall tourist attraction is one of tourist attractions in North Bali that present a view of waterfall that still natural. Les Waterfall is also known by the name of Yeh Mampeh Waterfall.

les 6

This tourist attraction still looks beautiful because many people are still unknown of its existence. The natural scenery is so amazing with its green hills and wonderful waterfall. This waterfall has a height of about 30 meters. Because the water that falls from the top befall rocks before falling into the river, so the visitors can stand under the waterfall and can feel the sensation of natural massage. Not only the tourists, but the local people were still visiting this waterfall to fell the natural massage from the waterfall.

les 2

Along the way to Les waterfall, visitors can find various species of trees such as clove tree, sandalwood tree, and rambutan trees. Visitors can walk about 1.5 kilometers from parking area and you will be hear about a roar of water and fresh air that will make your holiday in this place become satisfied, really fantastic and will be refresh your mind.

les 3

Besides this village present the waterfall tourist attraction, Les Village is also has a beach with black sand that’s enchanting. The distance is also not far from the Les waterfall.

In this beach, visitors can swim while enjoying the atmosphere of the village with the activities of the community that is mostly as fisherman and farmers of salt. Here you are also can see the traditional process of making salt. Start from the sowing of seawater on the land that has been provided until the process of harvesting the salt itself.

les 9

To reach the Les village, there are several routes that can be passed. If you depart from Denpasar to Singaraja, you can visit several interesting places such as Botanical Garden Eka Karya (Bedugul Botanical Garden), Git-Git Waterfall, Yeh Sanih pool, and much more.

Beside that route, tourists or visitors can depart from Gianyar by passing through Kintamani area. This route is also has some interesting tourist attractions that you can visit, such as Mount Batur and Lake Batur, Volcano Museum in Penelokan, some temples, such as Penulisan temple and Batur temple, and many more you can find during pass through the way. There is also a choice of routes if departing from Karangasem regency and later you will pass through Tejakula village.

This Les village is also has underwater beauty that can be found in the beach area. This village has unique slopes where the water flowed like a river before falling into the sea. Natural beauty that offered by this Les village can make your holiday become perfect to spend your weekend with beloved people.

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