Some Unique Things That You Can Find in Bali

Every city of course has its own characteristic in attract the attention of tourists to come to their region. As well as Bali Island, that becomes the main destination for domestic and foreign tourists to spend their holiday time. Many tourists who choose Bali Island as their holiday place because Bali has a million of uniqueness that certainly can attract the interest of the tourists itself. There are some unique things that you can find in Bali.

  1. Watching Kiss Festival in Sesetan, Denpasar

omed omedan.png

The tradition of kissing or better known as Omed-omedan is done a day after the celebration of Nyepi Day in Bali. The tradition of omed-omedan is done in Banjar Kaja, Sesetan Village, Denpasar. This Omed-omedan tradition is done by several young men and women of Banjar Kaja, Sesetan, where they will take turns to move forward to kissing and the other residents will try to pull and push them while pouring water until all of them is wet. This ritual is performed and believed by the local residents can hinder their village attacked by outbreaks of disease.

  1. Watch Pandan War in Tenganan Village

perang pandan.jpg

Once a year, if you are spending your vacation in Bali, maybe you can see one of the sacred rituals that are exciting, namely a fight between youths in the Tenganan Village using thorny pandanus leaves or better known as the name of Pandanus War. This ritual is held as an expression of respect to God Indra namely the god of war who they most respected. You can see this war like in the days of empire where when they fight also use a shield that made from bamboo.

  1. See the corpses were put under the tree in Trunyan Village


Residents in Trunyan Village, Kintamani has a unique cemetery traditions, where when in their village there is someone dies, they don’t do the traditional cremation like Hindus people do in general, but the corpse only placed on the grand that surrounding by Trunyan trees. You will feel so amazed when you visit this place because the corpses that placed under the Trunyan trees didn’t have bad smell. That said, because the Trunyan Trees that believed by local residents can neutralize the smell of the corpses were placed there.

  1. Enjoy Silence Day in Bali, Without Pollution


Only in Bali, you can see all of the activities can be stopped completely for a day to celebrate Nyepi Day. Hindus people in Bali are for forbidden to work, go out from the house or sightseeing, lit a fire or turn on the lamp and electric, and have fun. So you can imagine, the streets in Bali are very quiet and only guarded by Balinese Security Guard or it usually called as “Pecalang”. You can certainly enjoy your vacation by enjoying the fresh air without pollution and you can relax in the night while enjoying the beauty of night sky which is just full of stars. And if you are lucky, you can also see a shooting star guys.

So, that’s all about the unique things that you can find, see, and enjoy when you spend your vacation in Bali. I believe you will get many experiences and of course your vacation will become a colorful and more exciting. Have Fun and enjoy your vacation guys!


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