Find Your Favorite Souvenir in Cening Ayu

Hello Traveler, how are you today? Is that great? How about your day today? Well, for those of you who really want take a holiday but you didn’t know where you should be go, I think you must go to Bali Island. Bali Island that famous with culture, tradition, and many ceremonies, it can attract local tourists or foreign tourists to come to this place. Besides that, if you spend your holiday in Bali, many tourist attractions that you find and of course you can visit to enjoy the atmosphere during you spend your vacation in Bali. How about the souvenir shop in Bali if you want to buy something for your souvenir?


Many souvenir shops that you can find in Bali. One of the exciting souvenir shops in Bali is Cening Ayu. Cening Ayu is located at Jalan Raya Celuk No. 6x Sukawati, Gianyar Regency, Bali. Cening Ayu is one of souvenir shops in Bali offering various kinds of souvenir original from Bali. Besides that, Cening Ayu is also sell many kinds of Balinese souvenir and superior products such as Pie Susu (milk pie), Kaos Lukis (Paint T-shirt), Photo Adat Bali, and Kopi Cening (Cening Coffee). Where for the Pie Susu and Kopi Cening are produced by Cening Ayu and of course for tourists who come to this place can see the process directly, that is so fun, isn’t it?

pie susu 1

For the superior product of Pie Susu, tourists can come and see how to make this cake that original from Bali. Maybe some of you have been tried to eat this Balinese cake? How about the taste? Yes. The taste of Pie Susu is really sweet. Pie Susu is one of Balinese cake having sweet taste because on the top of the cake there is milk custard. This Pie Susu is one of the Balinese souvenirs that you must try and bring for your souvenir because this cake is very popular in Bali and you are the one of the people that must try this Balinese cake.

pie susu 3

Not only Pie Susu that you can find in Cening Ayu, but you can also find the production center of Cening Ayu Paint T-shirt. This paint T-shirt painted by Balinese people with the best quality materials of 100% cotton and 100% not fade. Tourists are also can see how the people in Cening Ayu paint the T-shirt directly.

Kaos Lukis 1

photo baju bali
Besides of that, Cening Ayu shopping shop also give the service of photo with wearing Balinese traditional cloth. Tourists who visit this shopping shop can try to wear Balinese Traditional cloth and take the photo with use the background of Balinese traditional houses.

And for those of you who want really interested about the coffee, in Cening Ayu, you are also can see how the people in Cening Ayu make the coffee that original from Bali. Kopi Cening is the one of the newest superior products in Cening Ayu, where Cening Ayu offering the new concept about the education of coffee namely the history of the coffee as one of the superior product in Bali, the benefit of coffee, introducing about coffee in Indonesia, introducing about the ingredients for production, processing system, and serving of the different coffee.


kopi cening

Many facilities are also available for those of you who come to this exciting souvenir shop, such as the large parking area that can accommodate about eighteen buses, comfortable place for the crew, dining room that can accommodate about 500 people, the facilities for the production places of pie susu, paint T-shirt, and education about Cening coffee.

So what are you waiting now? Let’s take your holiday and come to Bali soon. Don’t forget visit this place and bring your favorite souvenir for your beloved people. I believe your vacation becomes more awesome and complete after you visit and spend your vacation in Bali, especially after you visited Cening Ayu Shopping Shop. Happy holiday and happy enjoy your day Guys!!

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