Popular Natural Tourist Destinations in Yogyakarta

Hello traveler, How about your day today? Is that great? As you know, tourism in Indonesia divided into three categories, namely nature tourist destination, culture and history tourist destination, as well as culinary tour. Well today, I would like to inform you about the popular nature tourist attractions that you can visit in Yogyakarta. You can visit many popular tourist attractions in Yogyakarta if you have a plan to spend your vacation. The popular natural places that following are:

1. Kaliurang

Kaliurang is still become tourist destination in Yogyakarta that very popular for the nature category. The atmosphere is very cold, easy to be reached and delicious snacks that available in Kaliurang are indeed very fantastic.

2. Gua Pindul

Gua Pindul.jpg
Next, for the most popular nature tourist attraction in Yogyakarta is Gua Pindul or Pindul Cave that located in Kidul Mount. Gua Pindul is one of seven caves with the flow of the underground river is indeed offers nature explore sensation that very wonderful through its cave. You can enjoy a variety of beautiful natural ornaments in Gua Pindul, as moon milk, rock crystal, stalactites and stalagmites in several places together to form a natural pillar that solid and really beautiful.

3. Sri Gethuk Waterfall

Air Terjun Sri Gethuk.jpg

Natural attraction in Yogyakarta is can be said too far from the reach of the tourists because it requires effort and extra energy to reach the location of this Sri Gethuk Waterfall.

You have to pass through eucalyptus forests owned by Perhutani, through the teak tree forests are dense enough, and then have to pass the path through the rice fields. The final route can also be taken with other alternatives, namely the raft to the Oya River upstream.

4. Progo River

Sungai Progo
This tourist attraction in Yogyakarta is actually a tourist attraction that located in Magelang, Central Java. But the distance is very close to Yogyakarta, and most of traveler was departed from Yogyakarta. So that not a few companies Yogyakarta tour guide who recommends this river to be enjoyed by the tourists, especially those who want to test the guts to conquer the Progo River flow.

Although it is very drive the adrenaline, but the rafting tour is safe to do with the family. Many rafting guides are ensuring the Zero Accident, with complete equipment and supplies, and also in accordance with the applicable safety standards. The guides were very professional. So, do not hesitate to invite your family to get many unforgettable moments to ford this Progo River that very amazing.

Okay I think that’s all about many popular tourist attractions in Yogyakarta that you can visit. Take your day off, enjoy your fantastic vacation, of course you will get many unforgettable moments during you spend your holiday. Have a Nice Day Guys!!


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