3 Water Villa in Bali that Make You Swim like a Mermaid

As lover of holidays in the beach, did you ever feel that water bungalows such as in Maldives, Bora Bora, Cebu, and others are built on the water, so of course you can see the sea, the horizon, and the beautiful sunset.

Actually, there is no villa in Bali are built on the ocean. According to Indonesia law, all sea area is owned by the government, therefore there is no hotel or resort that is allowed to build the property above the sea level.

But many resorts those are have found a way to build a villa with a private lagoon and private pool without violating the applicable laws.

You may be hard to believe that some water villa is more excited than the water bungalow that you usually see on the internet and magazines. There are some water villas in Bali that will make you so surprised.

1. Seminyak Villa

Seminyak Villa 1

Villa Seminyak Estate & Spa is designed with modern Balinese style and it is finished in good quality, local stone work, copper, indigenous timber and hand-woven fabrics that exude a sense of style and comfort. The thatched roof and interior design express Balinese style and home comfort so you can get experience about the enjoyment of tropical Balinese living.

Seminyak villa is located at Jalan Baik Baik, Kuta, Bali. The nearest beach is only a 5 minute drive away and within walking distance are the finest boutique shops and dining places in the centre of Seminyak. If you depart from Ngurah Rai International Airport, it just takes the time about 25 minutes.

The 76 rooms in 52 villas seminyak resort offer a finest luxury villa accommodation in seminyak and as a perfect choice for families, friends or couples who seeking the ultimate leisure in comfort, privacy, and serenity in Balinese hospitality

2. Laksmana II Villa

Villa Laksmana Fix 1
Villa Laksmana Fix 2

Laksmana II Villa is one of villas in Bali which is fully surrounded by water. It is located at Jalan Kayu Aya, Kuta, Bali. Even when you arrive in this villa, the first thing that you will see is the pond. In this villa, you will find two pieces of large-sized bean bags are very convenient for enjoy the atmosphere in the night if you want to soak the feet while staring at the beautiful stars in the sky.

3. FuramaXclusive

FuramaXclusive (2)

Do you crave a private pool spa to yourself and get the most satisfying massage in your own villa? You can enjoy it in FuramaXclusive that located in the middle of rice field in Ubud area. Banjar Bindu, Mambal, 8 Jalan Melati, Ubud, Bali.

This place is the best choice to rejuvenate your body and refresh your mind. You can spend your time in this villa and relax all day long and make your vacation more happy and satisfying when you still linger in this villa.

Okay guys, I think that’s all about the water villa that you can enjoy during you spend your holiday in Bali. I believe your holiday become more awesome and of course you will get many unforgettable moments that you never get in the other places. Happy enjoy your holiday guys!!


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