3 Fun Activities That You Can Do Only in Bali

Although every country has its own unique characteristic that should be you must try, do you know if you can find many unique things only in Bali?

Talk about Bali, it can be said very special because it combines between the unique cultures with the opportunity to do the unique something. Start from spur your adrenaline to pass the comb, visiting the island the place for died people, or enjoying for one or two days in the odd villas, and others. There are some activities that you can do only in Bali:

1. Stay in the unique inn

Start from the budget hotel, a luxury villa, until the inn with the odd theme that you never think before. Spend your holiday in Bali is never will be bored if you can choose the right place.

For the animal lovers, they will fall in love with Mara Safari Lodge, where they can live among the animals.

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If you really love swim or anything that relating with the water, so the water villas in Bali would be the right choice. For example Seminyak Villa, Laksamana II Villa, and Bambu Indah Villa.

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If you are environment lovers, you will find the best thing in the world in Sharma Springs Bamboo House, where there is environment protection and the comfortable in one place.

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2. Having meals in the middle of the beautiful rice field

All of us of course have had days where we just want to release from the bustle for a moment and enjoy the time for our self somewhere. Among many unique restaurants in Bali, at the Pomegranate and Sardine of course you can do that.

Pomegranate is located in the middle of the rice field, there is at Jalan Subak Sok Wayah, Ubud, Bali. This restaurant is open daily start from 09:00 – 21:00.

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Sardine restaurant is located at Jalan Petitenget No. 21 Kerobokan, Bali. This restaurant is located between the rice field are made in Petitenget for the exciting natural experience and it is open daily start from 11.30 – 01.00.

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You can enjoy the restaurant while drinking a flavorful tea and a delicious pizza or maybe you can enjoy a glass of cocktail at the Sardine Restaurant. You will enjoy your time especially you can spend your time with your beloved people.

3. Fabulous Scenery, Watching Kecak Dance with The Background of Sunset

kecak 7.jpg
Located on the top of cliff as high as 70 meters with the scenery of Indian Ocean, Uluwatu temple is one of the beautiful temples that you can find in Bali and located in the end of the cliff that you should be visit.

kecak 3
Uluwatu temple is one of six important temple in Bali used to banish the evil spirits. Every day when the sunset, many people gathered around the temple to enjoy the amazing view when the sea changed its color to orange color reflects the sun at that time. Same like Tanah Lot Temple, this Uluwatu Temple is the best place to enjoy the sunset.

kecak 1

And for you who will come to this temple, don’t forget to watch Kecak and Fire Dance. Kecak is one of the typical dances of Bali that very famous. This Kecak Dance is danced using by the fire to describe a story for the audience. I believe you will feel satisfied and of course you will get many unforgettable moments that you never get before in the other places.

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