Awesome Tourist Attractions That You Must Visited

Bali that become the main tourist destination in Indonesia is very famous around the world always offers many amazing attractions that can attract the interest of many foreign and domestic tourists. Besides well-known for its natural beauty, especially its beaches, Bali is also famous for the unique and interesting arts and cultures. Bali as a complete tourist destination has many interesting places that you can visit. If you come to Bali and spend your holiday in this Paradise Island, don’t miss these tourist attractions that will make you always remember with this beautiful island.

  1. Kuta Beach


Kuta Beach is one of beach attractions in Bali that become the most famous and most visited by tourists because of its location near the airport, its beautiful beach, and has the perfect waves and it is very suitable for the beginner surfers. Kuta Beach is also famous for its sunset view that very fantastic. The unique fact of Kuta Beach is before Kuta Beach become a tourist attraction in Bali that should be visited as now, Kuta Beach is a big port, a trading center in Bali. The white sand and the blue sea, also equipped with a supporting facilities that very complete, Kuta Beach become a prime tourist spot in Bali.

  1. Besakih Temple

Pura Besakih.jpg

Besakih Temple is the biggest temple in Bali and this temple usually called as “The Mother Temple of Bali”. Besakih Temple is located at the foot of Mount Agung so if you visit this temple, you are also can see the greatest mount in Bali. In Besakih Temple is often held Hindu Religious Ceremonies because Besakih Temple is believed as a sacred place and it is the mother of all temples in Bali. Besakih Temple was built with the balance concept of God, human, and the nature or usually called as Tri Hita Karana. To be able enter Besakih Temple area, you should use sarong that can be borrowed around Besakih Temple.

  1. Monkey Forest

Monkey Forest

Monkey Forest is one of tourist attractions in Bali that will bring you blend with the nature. Monkey Forest is located in Ubud, Bali. Monkey Forest is a forest inhabited by many wild monkeys. The monkeys are considered sacred by the locals so that should not be disturbed and allowed to live in the forest. Monkeys in Monkey Forest are really like the food, they will try to get the food that you bring, even if the food is in your bag. In this place, you will see the lives of hundreds monkeys are unique and interesting.


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