Pandan War, Let’s See Bloody War Directly on June 2016

Pandan war tradition is a sacral dance or is usually called as bali-balihan. Pandan war is one of tradition or some local people called Mekare-kare in Tenganan Village, Karangasem District, Bali. Tenganan is one of the oldest village in Bali.

The main means in this tradition is a shield that usually made from bamboo or rattan and pandan leaf, namely the bush plants whose leaves have thorns are very sharp. Pandan war tradition held in a series of aci usaba sambah in Tenganan Village, Penggringsingan. Pandan war tradition will be done as twice. First, Pandan war held in Bale Patemu Kaja. Second, continued in Bale Patemu Tengah with additional attraction stage. In the second day, pandan war also known by local people with the name of Pengrame Sambah.

Before Pandan war tradition or Mekare-kare in Tenganan Village, Karangasem District begins, it starting with the rituals surrounding the village to invoke the salvation, then held a ritual of drinking a palm wine, a palm wine in the bamboo poured into a banana leaf that the function as a glass. The war participants poured the palm wine into a banana leaf to each other participants.

The cloth used in Pandan war tradition using sarong (Kamen), scarves (Saput), and headband (Udeng) without a shirt, shirtless. There are no standard rules in Pandan war, each participant carry their weapons in the form of a bunch of Pandan leaf in his right hand and a shield made of woven rattan in his left hand. After the stakeholders gave a cue, the sign of the war will be started, the Pandan war participants will be dancing and sometimes getting hit to the other participants by Pandan leaf. The participants attack each other, they hit the back of the other participant in a way embrace first, they hug each other, and then he will hit the back of opponent by thorny pandanus leaves.

Later, the wound will be treated specifically with the special medicine. The medicine is already prepared a month before Pandan war tradition held by daha (truna/truni), is young man or women of Tenganan Village. Certainly when treated it will be feel so sore but it just for a few minutes.

The tradition of Pandan war in Tenganan Village, Karangasem District, Bali is a series of the ceremony that has been run from generation to generation and always held every years. If you want to see directly this Pandan war, you can come to Bali and visit Tenganan Village on June 24 and 25, 2016. I believe you with get unforgettable experience that you never get in the other places. Happy enjoy your day Guys!!!

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