Something Different From Coffee Process In Bali, Must Try For Coffeeholic!

Hello everyone, raise your hand if you’re a coffeeholic person.

Nowadays everybody loves coffee, coffee now become very popular drink in the world, we can found coffee from coffee street, cafeshop, cafehouse who sell the drink, but do you want to try something different and authentic coffee from Bali?? You can go to Bali Pulina, Sebatu village, Gianyar. Bali Pulina is the best place to try authentic Luwak Coffee from Bali.


here we go, Luwak Coffee now become very famous, why? because luwak coffee has a weird process system, if you get there you will see many wild Palm Civet in a cage, Palm Civet is a nocturnal animals which is sleep when afternoon and start the activities when night.


The Palm Civet will eat the coffee fruits as their snack and the procces of Luwak Coffee start from palm civet belly. After a day, the coffee fruits that the palm civet ate will came out together with the feces, and after that the local cleaned the feces and collect the coffee beans only. After the coffee beans cleaned, the local people will dry it up for a week and then local people roast the beans using the traditional stove for about 45 minutes. The next prosess is finely ground the coffee beans and the Luwak Coffee ready to serve. Local People also provide some variants taste, such as lemon tea, ginger tea, ginger coffee, ginseng coffee, chocolate coffee, pure cocoa, vanilla coffee, dan pure bali coffee.

Everyone will feel awkward and afraid  to try Luwak Coffee, but the taste is very delicious and you will love it. Other then that you will drink the coffee fresh and directly after the process.


That’s why because of a super long process, makes the price of Luwak Coffee more expensive.The price of authentic luwak coffee is about Rp 400.000/ gram.

guaranteed you will feel very satisfied with the original taste of  luwak coffee.



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