Feel The Sensation Of Riding Camel On The Beach

Hello good people, let us great you with a warmness from Bali, by the way have you tried riding camel on the beach, especially in Bali? If not let us give you a new experience from Bali and get in touch directly with Camel Safari.

Riding horse, Elephant were common in Bali, but how about riding Camel? this is an unusual thing, you can see camel and ride them in Nusa Dua beach with Sawangan beach tracks near Nikko Hotel Bali. You only need 30 minutes to reach that place from Ngurah Rai International Airport by car or motorcycle.


If you ride the Camel near the beach, you’ll not only feel amazed but also you can enjoy the view from 1,5 until 2 meter above camel’s back. Bali camel safari is something different from other attractions that we know, you also can take a picture with that long neck animal. To ride this desert animal, you only need to pay Rp 180.000/30 minutes or Rp 290.000/60 minutes for adult and Rp 130.000/30 minutes or Rp 185.000/60 minutes for children.

One adult camel actually can be ridden by 2 until 3 kids or 2 adult, because the adult camel have 2 big humps so you can sit in the middle between the hump.

On your 30 or 60 minutes rides, you will see a beautiful view such as an original cliff, and white sands. You also can take a pre-wedding picture together with this lovely camel.

There’s a animal tamer who will give the Camel instruction, to sit, walk, stop, turn around and get up and they will lead you together with the camel to surround the Sawangan beach. The guide also very kind and they also can speak several languages, such as Japanese, English and Arabian. So all you need to do just enjoy the view with amazing panoramas.

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