Luxurious Dinner Together In Rock Bar Bali

Tired with your own routine activities? Or you want to have a nice dinner with someone special?

Here this is the Rock Bar’s which located on natural rocks 14 meters above the Indian Ocean at the base of AYANA Resort and Spa Bali’s towering cliffs. Rock Bar’s opened since 2010 and now become more popular in this day.


This Bar has a very fun atmosphere and romantic view, you can invite your friends or someone you loved to a fancy dinner there.

Rock Bar’s new also will invites you to stay after sunset, enjoying premier Mediterranean cuisine beneath the stars, and feel the nice waves with the fresh afternoon breeze.

The uniqueness in this bar, they also has inclined elevator that was installed to provide accessibility. So you can take that elevator to reach down there if you’re tired of walking using stairs. Even you use the stairs it’s not too far, and you still can feel the beauty of the beach as you walk down to the bar’s.

Rock Bar’s intimate after-dark experience begins every evening at 7 pm and you can see the sunset kissed the ocean and really close to you.

Rock bar’s also has a dress code for all times which is smart attire is required at ALL times.  No singlets, board-shorts, alcohol-branded attire will be permitted.  In adherence to security measures, backpacks are also not allowed at Rock Bar. So you can dress well and have a super romantic dining because the sunset sky blends beautifully and smoothly with the beach and you’re in between.

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Rock bar’s open hour regularly start from 16:00- 1:00 pm and until 2:00 pm only on Friday – Saturday.

We suggest you to come earlier if you want to have the best seat or the best spot in Rock Bar’s, you should sit toward to the west and don’t forget do order something fresh to ends your day with a beautiful scenery.




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