Sailing And Explore Nusa Lembongan with Bali Hai Cruise.

Bali Hai Cruises has spent decades delighting families while cruising in the waters around Bali and Nusa, From the excitement of zipping around on our 3-Island Ocean Raft to the relaxation. Enjoy your day in a luxurious cruise ship is a very pleasant moment, Bali Hai is a cruise that will give you best experience and will lead you to enjoy the scenery of   Nusa Lembongan Beach. For those of you who like to enjoy your day at cruise, Bali Hai cruise is the best choice for you, one of the best cruise that has a complete facilities and best services in Bali island.


Day sailing trips and evening cruises which appeal to a wide variety of tastes. Bali Hai Cruise has a 400 passenger capacity, you also can have a best and luxury holiday with your family. Nusa Lembongan is a small island which located at Bali southeast side, Nusa Lembongan itself is very close with Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Penida, a nice geographic condition also makes Nusa Lembongan Island very suitable for you to enjoy the beauty scenery, you also can explore the small island by walk.

Nusa Lembongan is approximately 8km² in size you only need approximately 2 hours to surround the Nua Lembonga Island, you can feel the clear ocean, a white sands and you also can explore existence under the sea with a mini submarines, do some water sport such as snorkeling, diving, banana boat, tour of the village on the island, underwater observatory deck and buffet lunch. If you’re lucky, you will catch the precious Manta near Nusa Lembongan sea.

nusa lembongan  edited.JPEG

Early in the morning you will be picked up or gather at Benoa Beach Nusa Dua, and directly sailed toward to the best spot and docked at Nusa Lembongan Beach, you also can choose Luxurious dinner at Bali Hai Cruise with the best view of sunset, go grab yours now and don’t miss it.


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