Get Photographed In An Authentic Balinese Outfit

Fulfill your dreams of becoming Balinese for a day with this fun dress-up experience, As we all known that Bali is an island that has a diversity of cultures which you could explore by yourself, not only beaches, mountain, culinary. You also can try to wear an authentic and an original traditional dress from Bali island. You can found and visit the photo studio in Bali Island easily.


When you arrived at Balinese studio photo,  you can choose from an abundant collection of outfits for women, men and matching outfits for couples, such as the traditional Balinese wedding outfits and traditional balinese dancing outfits all in your favorite colors and styles. You will feel comfortable because the studio is fully air-conditioned and have a variety of background sets. They use only authentic traditional Balinese make up. The lighting crew, the cameraman, and make-up artist are all polite and courteous.

There are no size restrictions with Balinese clothing which means that everyone can enjoy the experience regardless of age, gender or figure. The finished CD photo album will be delivered to your hotel by the next day, but if you are in a hurry you can request to the photo studio for two hour express service and you can get it on that day.

This can be done easily and conveniently by the digital camera images being carefully mastered and enhanced before being stored on a CD. This allows you to keep a permanent album from which you can modify and print your own photos, whenever you want. You can enjoy this experience on your own with our individual package, or as a couple with our King & Queen package.

Sometimes there are Photo Studio that provide a half-day tour for you to surround Southern part of kuta (Kuta Square, Seminyak district and Legian Street) and enjoy your day like a couple of king and queen in Bali Island.



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