Brave Enough To Challenge Yourself ?

Hello everyone , talking beaches in Bali island and tourist attractions in Bali that you must visit while on holiday is Kuta beach . Almost every day is never devoid of foreign tourists and domestic tourists. So what is the best you can do in Kuta Bali? we recommend you a fun place which located in Kuta all the world known it as Bali Waterbom, which one of the sights that you must visit. Waterbom Bali is the second best waterparks in the world and the best waterparks in Asian.

waterbom bali.jpg

Waterbom Bali itself located in Kartika Plaza Road, Kuta. Waterbom Bali is a recreational or a water theme park, ideal if you are holidaying with family. This park is one of the best attractions water park for children also for adult. Waterbom Bali water park has an area of 3.8 hectares and included a water slide world-class standards.

Most tourists do not like to swim in public pools, because the cleanliness of the water quality is not good and a lot of cleaning water containing chemicals. Waterbom water park is very different, the water tasted fresh and your skin will never feel dry, because the system uses advanced water sanitation techniques with salt chlorination.

There are 13 types of games in the water park waterbom :

1. Smash Down

These types of water games require a big courage, you will be sliding in this slide slope of 60 degrees, with a speed of 70 kilomer per hour.


Funtastic rides more suitable for children, parents don’t need to be worry because this funtastic vehicle, it was specifically designed for children. In this vehicle there are water cannons, body slides etc


The pipeline will bring your game rotates to follow the flow of the pipeline, with a speed of 60 kilometers for 13 seconds, will stimulate the heart to be quite fast. In some corners of the pipeline, you will feel the force of gravity maximum 3.5 G, Pipeline has a height of 20 meters, you can see the view of Kuta tourist attractions and gardens are arranged neatly in waterbom park.

4.Super Bowl

Super bowl game using rubber boats and participants will sit in a rubber boat by follow the water flow


Scream your lungs out as you twist down a 20 meters drop only to get swept straight up back up again! Before you can catch your breath

6.Twin Racers

Start on a mat, face forward, push off, spiral around the in-closed section of the ride and then race down the surprise drop of the slide for the last stretch.


The longest waterslide in the world 1/4 Kilometers long tube slide.

8. Green Vipers

Silk-Tec-technology, most innovative fiber glass in the industry Body slides are 6 meters higher then the replaced jungle ride 19,62 meter start point.

9. Python

The ‘Python’ is going to be the biggest waterslide in the industry, this three person slide is ridden in a circular tube, thus, everyone is facing each other for all the unexpected twists and turns, this ride is suitable for friends and family.

10. Lazy River

Here’s a river you can drift along in a tube raft and lull your heartrate back to normal.

11. Climax

Enter a small chamber 16 meters above the ground and let the adrenaline rush consume your emotions before a trap door right below you opens up and exposes you to the 2.5 G‐force of speed. Your body takes you on a near vertical dip before going back up and looping around.

12. Fast and Fierce

Two open slides, line up side by side with a guaranteed to offer nothing short of a rush. This will leave thrill seekers wanting to come back for more. Speed is the name of the game for this slide.

13. Double Twist

A speedy drop followed by a double loop provides a combination of speed, twists, turns and thrills. One of the most creative and innovative slide paths worldwide

are you brave enough to challenge yourself???



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