Legian Beach Festival 26-29 August. Last Day!!!

Hello everyone, let us give you a good news for today from Legian Beach, Kuta. Have you ever heard about Legian Beach Festival in Legian beach? So, today is your chance to visit Legian Beach Festival because today is the last day of the festival. Legian Beach festival has been going on since 26 August  – 29 August 2016, and today is the last day of the Festival.


This is the 9th year of Lively Legian Beach Festival and this event is all about Bali’s art and culture, Indonesia Festival culinary, fashion parade, watersport such as surfing. Legian Beach Festival is held to promote tourism in the northern region of Kuta, and invites visitors to discover and learn more about the Indonesian culture of performances are presented.

Legian Beach Festival also featured a special dance that dance Joged Bungbung with actual values. Additionally, Legian Beach Festival 2016 will host the activities of particular interest to children such as painting and drawing, as well as the dancing competition. During the festival you can find around 100 exhibitions of culinary, art, textile, hotel, and many other more stands. There will also be music festival by Legian Legend, /rif, Navicula and The Groove.


As Legian’s most anticipated festival, this festival will bring you a whole new experience with fun activities and competitions like you’ve never seen before. Prepare yourself for The Longest Beachfront Bazaar, bartending show and competition, beach clean, fashion show and many more. For fans of surfing, presented a special joint session of professional coaches from across the country. You too can enjoy the fun bike competitions were also held by the organizer.

Legian is known as one of the area’s busiest tourist destinations in Bali, which is filled with shops, bars, hotels and clubs that make the nightlife in Bali if not stopped. Hotels in this area so special, because the majority is located on the beach side, so that the traveler access to the beach is easy.

Are you ready for the last day of Legian Beach Festival today??


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