Uniqueness From Pengalon Bamboo House – East Bali

Pengalon Bamboo House is a place that made from a thousand poles of bamboo that arranged neatly, thus forming geometrical beautiful and unique. It will look so attractive and would be a new tourist attraction in Bali. Pengalon Bamboo House is located in Pengalon, Antiga village and Manggis District Karangasem, East Bali.


When the holiday season arrives, many visitors here mainly local people and young couples, you also can become the first person to visit this place among your friends, you can post or upload vacation experience to a number of social media and will be the pride of your own, although the place is not yet officially opened and but this place already became a new tourist attraction in east Bali

Bamboo House Pengalon is located on an area of 16 hectares, separated by a river that crosses the area attractions and connected by two bridges bamboo, there are at least four pieces of bamboo house, there is a stage where festival, restaurant, special building for VIP guests, yoga area and the room for rest.

This Bamboo House had planned as a Music Festival Performance Bali United, but the project is still on process until it officially opened for public. Nevertheless, although not yet open and still the process, many people who visit this place, to witness its uniqueness.


When you visit Pengalon bamboo house, you will enjoy the natural ocean view, and the existence of unique and artistic Bamboo house will provide you and your family for a new experience in Bali.

If you are planning a tour to this place, you can get a number of attractions nearest from Pengalon Bamboo house, such as Goa Lawah, Padangbai beach, Labuhan Amuk Beach Submarine Odyssey recreation and watersport center in karangasem. Karangasem district has a lot of tourist attractions, you also can visit Candidasa, Amed Hill, Tulamben beach, Besakih Temple, hike the Mount Agung and rafting on Telaga Waja river.



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