Having A Nice View From The Top Of Tree House

Do you need something different for your holiday? Here we offers you a unique from Bali, named Tree House which located in Batu Dawa village, Kubu District and Karangasem Regency, this place will be special for you and this is the best place for your vacation experience.


People began to recognize the attractions of Tree House in Karangasem early in 2015, Actually, the owners are reluctant to open up this area to the public, but because of too many visitors, especially during holidays and weekends, then owners open it with the admission price of Rp 10,000 / person.

Starting from a number visitor by people who want to enjoy the nuances that are not mainstream, and then they upload their travel experiences to the Tree House Karangasem in social media like instagram and facebook, because of the panorama is different, unique and special enough would invite the attention of many people. So this place is famous for teenagers and young people.

Other than that, the location of the attraction Tree House Karangasem located at the foot of Mount Agung village of Batu Dawa, which is the highest mountain in the island of Bali, can you imagine you are on a plateau with a beautiful view of the mountain in front of the eyes and other things around you with a view of the hills and valleys presented beauty and natural. Enjoying the natural beauty of the mountains with all natural scenery will certainly provide you a new experience to enjoy your holiday with your family.

This place only has 2 Tree Houses, which covers about 9 square meters, each house can accommodate a maximum of 4-6 people, if many visitors you need to queue in order to be at the top of the tree and enjoy the natural surroundings with more flexibility, it is advisable to visit on weekdays only. To climb the tree house you have to pass through the drawbridge, was unique and interesting.  ou drive from Ngurah Rai Airport you will need approximately 3 hours.

There’s a small pyramid temple in the middle of this attraction, formed of dots of clay mixed with cement, it looks so unique. Rounded clay is characteristic of the material used to build a number of supporting facilities and surrounding walls.

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