Campuhan Love Hill, Gorgeous Trekking Trails in Ubud

Bali offers a range of beauty, not just the coastal areas are natural scenery beach and the sea, such as the Kuta beach, Jimbaran and tanjung benoa, but if you want so find something that is not mainstream such as views of hills, valleys and the expanse of grassland, it could create a new experience and this can be found in bukit campuhan Ubud.


Ubud itself is one of the centers of tourism in Bali island, perhaps while you know in this region is the center of Ubud you can mention monkey forest ubud, museums and other art gallery. But rarely are so concerned this area has natural attractions Bukit Campuhan Ubud, offering views of the green hills with valleys covered by tropical trees and rice terraces that look naturally beautiful.

The diversity offered by the beauty of Ubud, making it a special area by international and domestic tourists. The small hill of Bukit Campuhan Ubud offers you a beautiful natural landscape with a jogging track. In this area there is a temple called Pura Gunung Lebah, so that the region is also known as the Mount of Madu Mount, the beauty offered one part of the attractions in Bali.

Attractions Bukit Campuhan Ubud has a jogging track that can only be accessed on foot or by bicycle, because there are some stairs to get to this area, so that the motor vehicle should park in parking area. The trekking path trajectory to be exactly at the top of the hill with a width of approximately 1.5 meters and the length of the path about 2 km.

Throughout the journey along the trekking paths on Mount Campuhan Ubud, you will be treated to views of grassland which meets the surface of the hill. Hills of Mount Lebah is also flanked by two tributaries, creating valleys with a grove of tropical trees, in the distance seen a bunch of palm trees and a stretch of rice fields presented beautifully, in other sections seen a number of hotels and villas located on the cliffs of the hill ,

if you depart from kuta, it took about 1 hour away by car, look for the center of ubud, because from here it only took 5 minutes to the main road to the west, looking for hotel Ibah whose position on the right road (before the Campuhan Bridge River), take directions to the hotel Ibah  then left onto the ramp derivative marching orders that will take you up on parking at a vocational school yard.


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