The Galungan Ceremonies This September – Bali

Hello from Bali Island, Bali known as The Island of God and we know that Bali is an island which has a lot of Ceremony day, the feast day in Bali is “Galungan Day” and will be held the next view days in this September. The Galungan Festival generally considered to the most important ones of Hindu Bali. During this period the followers of the Balinese Hindu Dharma religion focus on the importance of living a life based on dharma or the truth.


Galungan is about the victory of dharma over Adharma it means that a victory between against Untruth, The series of Hindu Religious ceremonies that are performed during this 10-day festival. Galungan Day falls once every 210 days and to be exact will be on Wednesday when the full moon and based on Balinese calendar, Galungan and Kuningan celebrated twice a year based on world calendar. The total length of the ceremony period therefore extends to 35 days or 5 weeks.

The Celebration of Galungan will not complete without Penjor, Penjor is an ornaments made of bamboo and decorated in such a way in accordance with the local traditions of the Balinese people. Penjor installed on the side of the road per each house, so that makes the ambience moderm look natural and beautiful. Penjor itself use as an offering for Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa God. When the day of Galungan festival all the people come to the temple to pray and give some offerings to God. 10 days after Galungan festivities then will be followed by a Kuningan Celebration.

The Philosophically of Galungan Celebration for hindus community were able to distinguish between the truth and an untruth, because they believe that happiness can be achieved when they know and take side of truth. Viewed from the side of the ceremony, is a moment to remind Hindus, spiritual and ritual that always believe in truth and avoid the untruth. It can be concluded that the core of Galungan celebration is to unite the spiritual strength so that Hindus get establishment and the bright mind, which is a form of Dharma in human beings.

The Ceremonies Overview ..

The ceremonial days of the festival, starting with Tumpek Uduh and ending with Tumpek Kuningan Celebration. Here you will find an overview of all the specific ceremonial days of the festival, starting with Tumpek Uduh and ending with Tumpek Kuningan.

  1. Tumpek Uduh
  2. Sugian Pengenten
  3. Sugian Jawa
  4. Sugian Bali
  5. Penyekeban
  6. Penyajaan Galungan
  7. Penampahan Galungan
  8. Galungan Day
  9. Umanis Galungan
  10. Ulihan
  11. Pemacakan Agung
  12. Tumpek Kuningan

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