The Unique Trees – Bunut Bolong

The existence of unique place and interesting in the land of the Gods, many of them are still not exposed such as Bunut Bolong, Bunut Bolong is located in the Manggisari village, Jembrana Regency. When we hear the name we can imagined, Bunut is a tree that has similarities characteristic with Banyan tree, but the roots dangling from the trunk that directly touch the ground.


Tree Bunut in Pekutatan have distinctive features that are quite unique, trunk or branches of the newly-formed with indentations beautiful, and unique again in the middle of the trees there was a hole seemed like a tunnel, and the diameter can be for a passing car to freely, seen from a distance as if straddling a paved road that lies between two parts of his legs.

When you are planning a tour in Bali towards the West, this Bunut Bolong attractions could be your next travel destination and pack it into exciting tour packages after visiting Hair Siwi or Bali Barat National Park. Moreover, the surrounding natural is still very beautiful, with the feel of the village too dense tropical forests on, its western which runs from North to South and on the side of its western expanse of clove as a feature of the area is cool on a high plateau, making this a pretty cool to soothe mind and seek peace and fit as well as attractions in Bali which gives different nuance.

Tree that grows naturally, it does seem interesting and hallowed by the surrounding residents, local people estimated that the tree is more than a hundreds of years old, are in the midst bandage surrounding nature unspoiled, the mountain air is fresh, looking at the expanse of clove, in a place away from the crowds, making travel nature has added value in offering tranquility and privacy of a vacation spot.


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