Wana Ayu Waterfall – One Of The Most Beautiful Waterfalls In Bali

Hello travelers, are you looking something fresh for your next holiday? Here let us share to you the most beautiful waterfall which located in Buleleng regency, Buleleng is the best place to find some falls, one of the tourism potential og which is owned by village Padangbulia District of Sukasada is Wana Ayu Waterfall. Wana Ayu fall is located in the village of Kubu Tunuh, exactly 1 km from the village center padangbulia, and the location of the waterfalls in not too far from the settelement residents. So it’s easy for you to reach.


Beautiful scenery and natural scenery will spoil our eyes so that inner peace and happiness that you will get. The access roads that leading you to the spot of the waterfall is already good, and there are some stairs you have to step to go down to the waterfalls spot. Wana Ayu waterfall has about 35 meters height and the depth of the pool is about adult waist or approximately less then 1 meter.

You will heard the best sound which create naturally of the falling water among the rocks, you can hear the sound obviously from the parking area, you also will enjoy the great scenery, natural panoramas of the green trees which able to give you peace of mind. The clear water and beauty nature will make anyone who comes to this place will be amazed.You will able to soaking in the fresh waterfalls and will make you release tiredness and relax while you enjoy the scenery. This could be one of the alternative idea of your holiday.

Waterfall Wana Ayu is still managed by local people and need help from the government in order to optimize this tourism potential. If you visit there will cost you money voluntarily, prepare mentally and physically to visit this waterfall because of the rainy season roads will be slippery and you have to pass fairly steep stairs.


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