Tembeling Forest

If you like trekking, Tembeling Forest is the perfect choice for you. Tembeling is the last remnant of natural forest that once covered areas of the island. The walk down is through thick, green vagitation and the forest is filled with the melodious calls of native birds. After reaching the bottom of the track, you are rewarded with cooling off in the pools formed by a natural spring below. Tembeling Forest has two pools, both of spiritual significance, one for men and one for women. Continue further to the very end and you will emerge at a beautiful beach. Do not forget your camera.


SD Point – Snorkelling and Diving Point

Nusa Penida is famous for its aquatic environment, and is a popular destination for diving, snorkelling and photography enthusiasts. One of the most famous spots for snorkelling is SD Point, located in front of Ped Village. SD Point is the longest uninterrupted beach in Nusa Penida. It is home to many types of colourful coral and beautiful tropical fish and divers frequently do drift dives adjacent to the shore.


Broken Beach

Broken Bay, or Pasih Uug, is one of the most unique natural phenomena on Nusa Penida. The name Pasih Uug comes from the local dialect and means broken bay or beach – a direct reference to the history and formation of this landmark. You can clearly see the gaping hole and arch that gives Broken Beach its name, and it is this that, combined with the brillant blue expanse of sea and lines of wild cliffs in the background that makes Pasih Uug one of our most popular locations.


Pasih Andus – Water Blow Hole

Pasih Andus, or the Waterblow Hole, has a uniqueness of its very own. At Pasih Andus, you can be entertained by the natural phenomenon of the ocean shooting into the air as a result of the waves crashing against the cliff wall and funnelling through a small channel. Every so often, as we wait in anticipation, the water truly blows up into the air! The location of Pasih Andus lies on the west side of the island, only about one and a half kilometres from Broken Bay. Pasih Andus can be reached with a scooter or car.



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