Pura Goa Giri Putri (Cave Temple)

Goa Giri Putri, or the Princess Cave Temple, one of the most famous on the island. This temple is thought to be around one hundred years old. Many Hindus and some Buddhists from all over Indonesia come to Goa Giri Putri Temple to search for inner peace, to pray or to meditate.

A short walk up the stairs (which includes breathtaking vistas of the ocean) leads to the temple entrance. A small aperture in the rock opens up into a magnificent cave housing the temple. Walk through to the end and be rewarded with a view out the other side of the hill, you can choose this as your exit if you wish. Traditonal temple attire is required, don’t forget to bring your camera to captured an amazing moment.

pura goa giri edited.png

Pura Puncak Mundi

The Hill Temple, or Pura Puncak Mundi , is the highest point of Nusa Penida. The temple complex at the end of the road contains three main temples – Pura Beji, Pura Dalem, and Pura Puncak Mundi. In this area there is also a fairly broad Wantilan or resting area. The view, of course, is spectacular from up there you will enjoy the spectacular scenery.


Karang, Ampel and Tanglad (Weaving Villages)

Karang Ampel is a village that practices traditional weaving, specifically producing the type of weaved fabric known as rang-rang – a design only found in Nusa Penida. The weaving is done in a family group or community group based system – similar to what we would term a co-operative.

Tanglad is one of the weaving villages in Nusa Penida that can produce natural dyes and colours by using natural ingredients like wood, seeds, fruit and roots. The weaving produced here is one of the most famous designs in Bali, cepuk, and is in fact another native Penidian design.


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