The Natural and Holy Hot Spring in Bali, Wanna Try?

Hello everyone, have you ever heard about a natural and authentic hot spring or lounged in a hot springs in a forest or jungle? If so, you already know how wonderful it is, today we would like to share to you about one of the best hot spring in Bali, the location is located in Banjar village, turn-off about 10 km from west of lovina , or about 2 km south to banjar. The exact location of the spring is located in a mountainside jungle.


The hot spring set on a mountainside in dense tropical forest near the tiny village of Banjar, 10 km west of Lovina on Bali’s north coast. Several large stone pools have been built in landscaped gardens under the forest. In evenings, the pools are extremely popular with locals who arrive in hordes with their families. Children run, play, jump, scream and generally turn it into a playground. If you prefer a more solitary, relaxing experience, visit in mornings or midday.

Alternatively, there’s a private pool area that few people know about, where you can relax in a hot Jacuzzi under trees in complete solitude. After entering the hot springs, just follow signs for ‘spa and massage’ across a wooden bridge. You’ll suddenly leave all the noise and commotion behind. To enjoy the hot spring, the cost for 1 person is only Rp. 5000 if there an additional it’s about Rp 10.000 per person for private spa pools.

To reach the Hot Water location in Banjar, we can use the motor vehicle through the main road with good condition and passing the Balinese Village with unique culture life. The nearest accommodations like hotels or lodging including restaurants are also available in particular at Lovina Beach area. There are many public transportation also available to connect the travel to Singaraja town.

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