Rice Field South Of Segara City

Hello travelers, have a great day! Today we would like to tell you about something interest  for you to visit, find something different people called it Rice field of Segara, located in Negara City and far from the southwest Bali, if you drive from Denpasar, Kuta or Sanur , you have to take for about 3 hours to reach the location. When you get there you will see a gorgeous rice fields and another surprises in the area.


Negara is a small city in southwest Bali. Very few western tourists visit. Negara city itself has few charms, but just outside of town a vast, fertile rice-growing region runs south from Negara to the sea. Huge tracts of flat rice fields spread out for several km in every direction. Inland, they’re backed by Bali Barat Mountains, several paved country roads and unpaved dirt tracks weave around the rice fields.

Depending on which season you visit, you might observe field workers plowing with water buffalo, planting young rice shoots by hand in long rows, cutting rice with machetes, or bundling stalks up in huge bales. The area is so beautiful and filled with unusual sights that it’s worth a few days exploration. Just take any road leading south from Negara and simply wind your way through rice fields and small villages by bicycle or scooter until you eventually reach the sea.

Negara city has many small hotels catering mostly to passing Indonesian businessmen and truck drivers. Westerners are also welcome to stay. Try it out. Staying in a predominantly Indonesian hotel, as opposed to a tourist hotel, is a unique experience in itself. You can find a nice and cheap hotel in Negara City, the price is only about Rp 100.00 and up, or if you want to Explorations on your own are free, of course.


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