Yeh leh Pengeragoan Beach – Jembrana – Bali

Hello everyone, Hope you have a great day, well today we would like to update you about hidden beaches in Bali, people call it Yeh Leh Beach which located in Yeh Leh beach is located in Jembrana, just off the Denpasar-Gilimanuk highway, Yeh Leh is not decorated with soft white sand like your ideal beach. Instead, thousands of boulders litter the shore, either covered in algae or washed clean by the waves. These mysterious rocks have been smoothed over for hundreds of years, leaving few clues about their origin.


Yeh Leh beach remains undeveloped as a tourist spot in Bali. The fact that not many people visit this beach has made it unique and peaceful.
The beach is actually easily accessible, and you can visit at low tide to see Yeh Leh in all its glory, with the boulders unearthed and many interesting marine animals caught in the rock pools. And if you can, don’t miss its stunning sunset, which lights up every shining rock on the shore.

Yeh Leh Pengeragoan Beach very unique. The beach is composed of two parts, western and eastern parts. The western part of the beach is the rock, while the eastern part of the beach is black sand. In the west, this beach has a fairly wide stretch of coral. Interestingly not only rock, there is also a large stone and round. The stones were to gather in one place. As if there is someone who collects the stones.

When the afternoon, the sunset was beautiful, display the most beautiful sunsets there in October to February. Because of the stretcher in the sun is in the south of the equator, so the sun sets will be visible to the south. Reddish sunlight will look perfect when the month.

Yeh Leh Pengeragoan Beach also be a place for Melasti ritual by local people. Before the day of Nyepi, the Balinese people will hold a spiritual cleansing ritual to all amenities and facilities available in the temple. This ritual is called Melasti. Yeh Leh Pengeragoan Beach into place to implement the Melasti ritual by villagers in Pengeragoan.



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