12 Courses You Can Attend When Visiting Ubud – Bali

Hello people, I hope you enjoy your day,  art comes naturally in Ubud so when you visiting Bali especially when you goes to Ubud you must be curious about the art side and here today we will share to you about 12 greatest art courses in Bali that you can attend, you can learn so much about Balinese culture, art or even language.

1. Silversmithing

The area around Ubud has been a centre for silvercraft since time immemorial. Sketch out your own design. Then cut, beat, shape, solder and polish silver into the style of your choice.

2.Wood Carving

In traditional Balinese culture, wood carvings decorate not only temples and palaces but private homes. ARMA Museum and Puri Lukisan Museum.


Learn classical Balinese court painting, traditional Balinese art or contemporary Balinese art styles at ARMA Museum and Puri Lukisan Museum or try Pranoto’s Gallery to develop your own style in oils.

4.Fruit Carving

If you’ve ever wondered how to create those elaborate fruit sculptures you see in Asian restaurants, or just want a bit of practice before turning your attentions to wood or stone, spend half a day at pondok Pekak Learning Centre.

5.Paper Making

Work with mulberry pulp, leaves, dyes and silk to create your own handmade papers at lingsir paperie


Batik textiles orginate in Java, but there are plenty of artists working with batik in and around Ubud. Use hot wax to print designs and paint them in natural dyes, creating your very own piece with artist nyoman suradnya at Nirvana Batik or at textile specialist threads of life.


For the un-selfconscious, a host of venues offer  training in classical Balinese dance, among them ARMA and Puri Lukisan.  The beginners classes are free on Mondays


If wandering through the rice-fields won’t get you grubby enough, try working with clay at Sari Api Studio, its 3km nort of Ubud. Workshops cover everything from the basics of working with clay to advances techniques, using wheel and hand.

9.Balinese Music

From bamboo flute to gamelans and gongs, Balinese instruments are complicated to master but simple enough to be rewarding for the beginner.


If you’ve ever admired elaborate belts, bracelets and courtly decorations, or there’s a ten-year-old girl inside you itcing to get out, Beadworkd is a rewarding way to spend the day. Puri Lukisan offers courses for 3 hours or 6 hours.

11.Kites, Puppets and Masks

Puri Lukisan offers courses in traditional Balinese craft, create a kite butterfly to take home, craft a traditional shadow puppet out of leather, or paint your own mask based on those used in traditional Balinese Dance.

12.Life Drawing

Pranoto Gallery holds regular life-drawing clases on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 10 Am.


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