Balinese Hindu celebrates Holy Kuningan Day – 17 September 2016

Hello from Bali Island, Bali island is known as an island of God, and the most unique and unbelievable from Bali is the ceremony which never stop from day by day, Bali community also work together, help each other and do all the things with a good cooperation. Can you imagine that? And how about if a whole Bali Island celebrating one of the most important day? Tomorrow is the day of Kuningan and you can see all of the local People will bring their offering to the Temple and pray.


Kuningan Day celebrated every 210 days or 6 months in the calendar of Bali, Saniscara Kliwon Wuku Kuningan and its celebrate for 1 calendar month in Bali equals to 35 days, Kuningan day is a series of Galungan ceremony, 10 days before the Kuningan Day. On the day it is made of yellow rice, a symbol of prosperity and serve offerings as a sign of gratitude, receive the gift of Hyang Widhi the form of materials for clothing and food that everything was delegated by him to his people on the basis of love- love.

in Kuningan ceremony using offerings that contain symbols Tamiang and Endongan, where Tamiang means the symbol of protection and also symbolizes the wheels of nature what reminds people of the law of nature. If the community is not able to adapt to nature or do not obey the law of nature, the risk will be crused by the wheels of nature. While the meaning of Endongan is the supplies of life and the most important provision in real life is a science and the most powerful weapon is peace of mind.

On the holy day, God of Hinduism down to earth to give blessings for the welfare of all the people in the world. Too often believed, the ceremony for the feast of Kuningan should be done before noon, before the time of the Betara back to heaven.



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