Surfer’s Favorite Sport – Suluban Beach

Hello everyone, happy Monday means that we have to start our activities again. Have you ever heard about Suluban Beach? This is an amazing panorama that you can see. It is blessed with the most breathtaking view of Indian Ocean, the panorama especially when sunsets, has the most romantic nuance and also white rock cliff along the beach. As far as you see, you will only find a rock cliff with super amazing beautiful white sand. The sea water also has a beautiful color, its turquoise blue water.

Suluban Beach 2.png
You will also hear an amazing resounding sound of nature resulting from pounding waves. The pounding waves are also perfect for water activities, such as surfing. Suluban Beach is located in Peninsulah hill, the beach is connected to Denpasar and Kuta. You can reach the beach from Denpasar or Kuta through Jimbaran and Nusa Dua. This is the only route to the beach. The beach is about 34 km from Denpasar, and you have to drive for 30 minutes from Ngurah Rain Airport. If you are in Kuta, Legian, you have to drive for about 45 minutes.

There are various activities you can do in the beach, such as snorkeling, surfing, beach hopping or yoga. Most visitors prefer to do surfing when visiting the beach. This is because the beach has thrilling waves that most world-class surfers love. Surfers can surf in the beach when the dry season comes. The best time for surfing starts from April to August. Although the beach is isolated, it offers many features to visitors. This includes surfing spots for tourists who love surfing. If you don’t know how to surf, you can take a surfing lesson.

The most popular hotel in this beach is Bluepoint. Since the beach is identical with this hotel, most tourists call Suluban Bluepoint beach. Bluepoint is the only hotel that visitors must pass when they are about to go to Suluban Beach. Bluepoint hotel has a good panoramic view. It faces Indian Ocean making the hotel a perfect accommodation for you. You can spend time and relax at this hotel when you visit Suluban Beach.


The beauty of the beach is comparable to other beaches in Bali. Including the beach in your travel plan will not make you regret, you will have an exciting moment visiting Suluban Beach.


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