Black Gray Sandy Beach – Balian Beach

Hey Gorgeous! Let’s rock the day with a gorgeous black gray sandy beach, this black sandy beach is located in the southern coast of west Bali and this beach is very famous for surfing. Balian Bali beach is also called Pantai Tukad Balian has beautiful natural scenery with waves that are good and suitable for surfing spot and is one of the best surf spots on the island of Bali Indonesia.


Along the shore, grows a lot of coconut trees or palm trees, so the atmosphere in this area still looks very beautiful and natural. Balian Beach Bali visited by many tourists and surfers when they are on holiday in Bali and it’s became the paradise for surfers and surfing hobbyist. The tourist spot Balian beach is located in the village area of Lalang Linggah, Sub-District West Selemadeg, Tabanan Regency, Bali Indonesia.

Talking about Balian name, Balian is actually the name of a river in the village of Lalanglinggah. Balian in Balinese means shaman/healer (which can cure the disease), Balian River has 11 tributaries and the river is considered sacred by the locals, it is still used for ablutions (penglukatan). The waters from Balian river flows directly into the sea, and the downstream of the river is on the shore, it can be concluded that the name of Balian beach is mentioned because the downstream from Balian river are at the beach, then up to now the beach is called and known as Balian beach.

Balian beach is situated close to the main road that connects between Denpasar and Gilimanuk. Balian Beach can be reached with a distance of approximately 60 km or about 2 hour drive from the city of Denpasar, Kuta or the surrounding area, or about 84 km from the port of


Balian Beach is a popular tourist destination as surf spot visited by many surfers, then the surrounding area there are many lodging or villas for the convenience of travelers who wants to stay overnight with the price of stay varies according to the accommodation facilities provided. So, to live and stay around the Balian beach does not need to worry about.

Additionally, in the coastal areas were also found bars and restaurants offering a wide variety of food and drinks, typical food menu offered at the restaurants around the Balian beach is a menu of seafood, such as grilled fish, crabs, and grilled squid, etc.

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