Kampoeng Bali Best Restaurant – MUST TRY !!

Hello people, offering a new perspective on the Jimbaran holiday experience, RIMBA welcomes into the warm embrace of an authentic Balinese village, a dramatic stand-alone restaurant, Kampoeng Bali is a game-changing venue that celebrates the island’s rich culture and heritage. Surrounded by a stunning lake, verdant rice paddy field and edible gardens, Kampoeng Bali is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Inspired by the Indonesian word for village, ‘kampoeng’ is spelled in the traditional fashion to reflect the venue’s highlight on the Bali of yesteryear.


A dramatic open-air theater captures the beauty of Bali’s legendary sunsets with a terraced amphitheater style setting that provides an elegant backdrop for the evening’s sunset ritual procession, which begins at 6PM. Followed by a mystical candlelight blessing ceremony and a dynamic theatrical Kecak performance, the program is thoughtfully conceptualized to delight guests of all ages.

Presenting a unique twist on RIMBA’s innovative collection of notable restaurant and private event venues, Kampoeng Bali is designed to accommodate up to 250 people. Experience a traditional market selling hand-crafted gifts, or oleh-oleh. While meandering around the lake, take a myriad of photos with the local ducks or geese that wander freely. Bordering the lake, a beautiful path is lined with several woven baskets, each housing a colorful rooster.

For Kampoeng Bali’s littlest connoisseurs, a traditional pindekan, or windmill, inspires conversation about daily life on a working rice paddy. Kompoeng Bali’s chefs have their own fruit, vegetable and herb gardens throughout the property, gathering ingredients before each meal to ensure that each dish burst with delectable flavors.

At 6:30PM, an unrivaled Balinese buffet, with customary live cooking stations and grills, comes to life. Designed to please guests that are new to Balinese cuisine as well as connoisseurs, Kampoeng Bali’s culinary team showcases the island’s most famous authentic dishes including ‘babiguling’ suckling pig, grilled fish sourced daily from Jimbaran’s local fishermen and large barbecued prawns.


During dinner, a 40-minute Kecak dance performance begins at 7 pm, highlighting Bali’s rich cultural heritage with the captivating tale of Rama Sita. After the performance, an extensive selection of traditional Balinese sweets is available including homemade ice cream and sorbet, while the sounds of Rindik music creates a magical ambience throughout Kampoeng Bali.


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