Bali is renowned for its markets and local crafts. A unique, handcrafted souvenir of your holiday is a perfect gift for loved ones or a way to treasure memories of that idyllic escape. In many places, travelers can watch souvenirs being crafted, try techniques themselves and learn about the cultural origins and symbolism of the product. Souvenir shopping becomes a rich tourist experience in itself. Here are nine of the best souvenirs to bring home from Bali.

Gemala Bali Silver

Gemala Silver is located in the culture of Ubud village, contemporary touches are combined with traditional methods to produce exquisite rings, pendants, necklaces, cufflinks, bracelets and more. All of their products are handcrafted in Bali using silver, precious metals, and gemstones. The designers find inspiration in Bali’s captivating landscapes and rich colors.

Wood Carvings Village

Travelers can watch skilled craftsmen carve beautiful wood creations, learn about their meanings and symbolism and purchase their own carvings to take home. The village carvers focus on the relationship between Humanism and Naturalism in their art and are recognized internationally as masters of their craft. Mas Village is in the Ubud District, just 15km from Ubud Village.

Garuda Statue at Pakudui, ‘Garuda Village’

The mythical ‘Garuda’ is half man and half bird and is an important symbol in both Buddhist and Hindu cultures. The carvers of Pakudai are well known for their beautifully crafted Garuda. The size of these statues can vary from 30 centimeters to over 2 meters in height. Pakudai is 50km from Denpasar City and 10km North of Ubud Village.

Bali Sarong

Bali sarongs are distinct from others in that they feature a fringe on two sides. Shoppers can choose between traditional Balinese geometric designs or modern beach-inspired shell and sea-life patterns. A Sarong is not only a fabulous souvenir to take home but also a good idea for travelers planning to visit temples in Bali as legs need to be covered to enter. Beautiful Balinese sarongs can be purchased at markets or in stores all over Bali.

A 3D Ship Kite

The intricate and colorful 3D ship kites feature in the kite festivals at Sanur Beach and are surprisingly aerodynamic. Travelers can enjoy flying the kite in Bali’s generous sea-breezes and then take it home as a remembrance. The hand-crafted kites are an ideal gift for children and can be purchased at beachfront markets in Kuta and Sanur Beach.

Bali Batik

Intricate designs painstakingly dotted onto quality textiles are a traditional feature of Balinese culture. Batik fabrics or clothing make a treasured heirloom to take home. One of the best-known Batik creators is Popiler in Tohpati, east of Denpasar City and also offers courses so that travelers can learn Batik techniques and try out their own designs.

Kopi Luwak Coffee

Travelers can try a delicious barista made coffee and then purchase a taste of Bali to take back home and share with friends. Bali’s rich, volcanic soil makes it ideal for growing aromatic coffee beans which are particularly high in caffeine. For travelers wanting to buy coffee direct from the source, the Kintamani Region in north-eastern Bali is the prominent coffee growing area or Kopi Luwak Coffee can be purchased in most grocery stores or markets around Bal

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