Creamy Comfort Café – Seminyak

Hello Girls and Boys have you ever dreamt of a world of delicious delights? Or did you know that some of your dessert favorites now comes in whole cakes especially for your celebrations? A magical land filled with chocolate covered trees, Creamy Comfort Café begin the journey with Black Russian Pie, The world of Creamy Comfort grew bigger with every dessert creation and every new flavor that brought its own sweet surprise. With a dedication to premium quality ingredients, a pinch of passion and a whole lot of love, we make dainty desserts that taste as good as they look. Come away on this delicious adventure to make this world a sweeter place, one forkful at a time.


Creamy Comfort Café located in Kerobokan Street #118, Bali. On Monday to Thursday start from 11am – 7pm and when Friday to Sunday start from 11am – 9pm, Creamy Comfort Café is  a classy, artsy, unique, and fun, the design was somehow represented a certain percentage of classy, artsy, unique, fun, and PRETTY! They have the cutest rabbit ear chairs and a lot of white inside! It’s the place to go where you want to have good time with friends over cute desserts, and of course, take pictures on the day as there’s this huge window allowing natural sunlight to shine the place out loud, not enough? An outdoor seating set to appear like a park of your own!


You can order some milkshake, cake, pie, mousse pasta and etc, the most famous mousse that people usually ordered such as..

Black Russian

Creamy-mousse-like pie, filled with all the necessary ingredients to award it’s appropriate black russian name. You’ve drink the drink, now taste it. *Contains Alcohol


Imagine a tasty, buttery digestive biscuit crust, stagged full of lucious toffee and sliced bananas, slathered with a rich topping of lightly sweetened double cream.


Frosty Baileys-induced-mousse-like pie on a nutty graham cracker crust. Perfect for those with a craving for irish creme.

Smores Pie

Inspired by those childhood memories, this pie has all the necessary ingredients to make the ultimate smores pie. Graham cracker crust filled with chocolate nutella and toasted marshmallow creme.

Cookies & Cream

A creamy-mousse-like-pie filled with loads of oreo cookies and cream. Especially made for oreo lovers and those who wished for a black russian pie without all the alcohol.

Peanut Butter Oreo Cheesecake

For those with a sweet tongue for peanut butter, this creamy peanut butter cheesecake are layered with delicious oreo cookies.

English Triffle

Layers of cake, followed with liquers, strawberries and jams,
silky custard and to top it all off, generous amount of fluffy
whipped cream.

Green Tea Tiramisu

A variation on the popular italian dessert. Flavoured with our premium Japanese matcha green tea powder, this dessert featured green tea-soaked ladyfingers layered with mascarpone custard and whipped cream. This smooth and delicate mascarpone dessert will bring the ultimate zen to your tastebud.

Strawberry Champagne

This dessert is inspired from the simple but delicious cocktail.
Fantastic sweet and tangy strawberry notes with a refreshing
delightful champagne finish.

Here you can try all of them without worried about calories because Calories don’t count on this journey. Don’t forget to bring camera and pose your OOTD (outfit of the day) style.


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