7 Most Place You Should Visit in BALI – NUSA DUA

Hello everyone, here’s the 7 places you should visit while you spend your time at Nusa Dua –  Bali Island.

  1. Catch the Magnificent Waterblow at Nusa Dua

Envision majestic Indian Ocean waves crashing against rock cliffs – have you ever seen a waterblow in person? Visit the hidden rock cliff in Nusa Dua to witness one of nature’s prettiest sights. This natural phenomenon happens when waves hit the narrow space within the rock cliff where pressure builds, and water then blows up! And remember; be careful to keep a distance to avoid getting wet.

  1. Join Captain Jack Sparrow’s crew at The Pirates Bay

Right here in Nusa Dua, you can imagine yourself treasure-hunting while you dine at The Pirates Bay. The outdoor setting is perfect to catch the sea breeze while hanging out at your chosen spot – a replica pirate ship on the sand, a tree house, a bay lookout tower, or even a pirates’ kitchen!

  1. Catch a hottie’s eye – Surf & Turf Surf Rider

Want to be a cool kid and ride the waves? You can now do so at Surf & Turf, a beach club and water attraction that also houses one of Bali’s first surf rider. Surf those monstrous waves in the pool! Even if you haven’t got any surfing experience, don’t worry – experienced instructors are always on standby to help you impress as many babes and hunks as possible.

  1. Seaweed paradise – Geger Beach

Nestled in Nusa Dua, Bali’s luxury villa neighbourhood, Geger Beach has experienced development at one end, while the other remains gorgeously untouched. In fact, what’s left of this little slice of paradise is a hideout for passionate beach-goers looking for a break from the crowd.

  1. Abandoned planes make great adventures – Nusa Dua Plane

Have you heard about the abandoned planes in Kuta and Pandawa? Apparently, journeying to find these planes seems to be a popular thing to do in Bali now!These planes have yet to come to fruition, though for now, the abandoned planes serves as a unique attraction for adventure-loving seekers, who would love to attempt walking on a wing without risking their necks.

  1. Finding Nemo – The Ultimate Seawalker Experience (Nusa Dua)

Confused by the title? Well, there will be no miracles today, no one is walking on water! Instead, you are going to walk under it. Even the non-swimmers in the family can enjoy this underwater discovery. It does not get better than this, getting up close and personal with the fish and stunning aquatic life – you won’t even get your hair wet.

  1.  A family-friendly adventure or a romantic stroll? You decide – Mangrove Boardwalk

Fact: 23% of the world’s mangroves are in Indonesia. When you visit the country with the most mangroves in the world, you know you definitely have to visit at least one of them. And what better than the Mangrove Forest in Denpasar, which covers a massive 1,373.05 hectares of land?

Stroll down the lovely mangrove boardwalk and appreciate the beauty of the mangrove ecosystem all around! Whether you’re bringing your family along for a relaxing day (that can also be educational for the kids), or taking a romantic stroll admiring the beautiful mangroves – Mangrove Boardwalk is a perfect fit for any itinerary.


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