10 Coffee Shop In Bali You Should Try – PART 1

1 – Seniman Coffee Studio – Sriwedari Street #5, Ubud

You’d definitely want to take a trip down to Seniman for your coffee fix. Not only would you find this to be the perfect coffee house in Ubud, but soon realize what makes this place so special is their roasted in-house beans. Plus they have food menu items, free wifi, and is a great place to hang out. The best part about this place is that you’ll whet that appetite without causing a dent in your wallet!

2- Hungry Bird – Semat Street #86, Denpasar

If you’re a true-blue coffee connoisseur, then this is the place to be. Strategically located near the famous beach hang of Berawa, splendid coffee is always part of the menu. This can be attributed towards the fact that the owner himself is a coffee-lover. His deep appreciation for it is evident in the way he runs this place, from his care of the machines to his search for the best beans from all across the Indonesian archipelago, he’s got it all under wraps.

3- Crate – Batu Bolong Street #64, Canggu

This place exudes an unmistakable hippy vibe, that contrasts perfectly well with the charismatic decor of wood and concrete, a little roadside bunker, and the brilliantly done-up mural exterior. Oh and did we mention that all the good looking people in the vicinity seem to be here? We kid you not, you’ll find a great mix of modelesque girls and guys hanging out here, and to prove our point.

4- Luthu’s – Pantai Sindhu Street, Sanur

Making use of its strategic location beside Sindhu Beach, Luthu’s coffee shop has both indoor and outdoor seating. You can access the indoor seating via an alleyway, whilst the outdoor one is through the beach which gives you an unobstructed view off the sea. Their glass display of homemade cakes and pastries is a must try, alongside the excellent blends of coffee. A plate of carrot cake, apple pie or a mushy coconut cake is sure to tantalize your palates and make them lust for more.

5- Bali Buda – Banjar Anyar #24, Kerobokan

Previously known as Bali Bunda, the owners of this cafe felt that a change was in order, so as to reflect their respect for Mother Earth. Bali, the place in which the owners live in, and Buda meaning Mother, serves to portray to customers that this cafe is about reducing the damage we do to nature.What’s more to love about this cafe is that they use biodegradable packaging, quality coconut and olive oil for cooking, GMO-free soy, rice and corn produce, and lastly 100 percent pesticide free produce. With all these factors, it is the perfect recipe for delectable and healthy food.

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