The Iconic Yellow Bridge Has Collapsed

Hello from Bali Island, hope you have a great Monday. We must shock because we got a bad news come from Lembongan Island, this is about an iconic yellow suspension bridge linking two islands off the coast of Bali has collapsed, this bridge is very famous and popular by visitor, the sea beneath the bridge was less than 2m deep. People usually came to take some picture and cross the road by motorcycle or walking.


After the incident yesterday, reported and confirmed there are eight people has died and injuring 42 others, two of those injured were in a serious condition, while the others suffered minor injuries. The rickety bridge between Nusa Lembongan, a small island off the south-east coast of Bali famous for its snorkeling, and Nusa Ceningan, collapsed around 6pm local time on Sunday.

Klungkung police chief Arendra Wahyudi said traffic over the bridge had been heavy due to a Balinese ceremony at a nearby temple. Because of the ceremony, the traffic over the bridge was quite heavy. The bridge itself is quite old. There are also 30 others injured but search and rescue efforts have stopped due to low light conditions and will only resume in the morning

Amongst the dead were five adults, two children and a toddler. The narrow Jembatan Kuning (yellow bridge) was the only connection between Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan and was wide enough for motorcycles and pedestrians only.

The tragedy comes just a month after two people died and 18 were injured following an explosion on a ferry between East Bali and the Gili islands. The Kuning bridge also collapsed in February 2013 but there were no casualties. Indonesia’s search and rescue agency stopped the search for the day at 9pm local time, but will resume at daybreak on Monday.  We hope that there’s nothing happen again after this incident.


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