Coffee Cupping At Sanur – Bali

Hello from BALI! Hope you have a great day everyone, have you ever dream as a bantender for an hours?

Visiting Sanur Beach in Bali probably has mainstream. Occasionally, the rating can be tried activities lots more! who do not lose fun is tasting coffee. Coffee tasting or coffee cupping become one of the most favorite activities you can attend. It’s loctated in Rumah Sanur, Danau Poso Street # 51, Bali.

Sanur house itself is a creative hub, which can be considered as a bowl where gathering of people or the creative community for exchange of knowledge. It is touted as the first in the creative hub of Bali.

Sanur house is designed quite unique and nuanced art. Some paintings seem displayed on various sides of the building. For something available floor space is open, while she wants to sit back in a closed room is on the 2nd floor.

Inside the creative hub area there is also a fashion shop that sells local products up to the coffee shop. Well, coffee from Café culture is this which began to guide the coffee tasting

Coffee tasting began to be guided by an expert coffee from Café Kultur. Initially the peracik coffee began to explain first about coffee Archipelago and show off a few coffee beans.

Then it was preparing a variety of tools that will be used at table. Beginning of boiling water auspicious, filtering until coffee was served and the traveler tasting cup of coffee

Peracik coffee began to inquire as to what a traveler that coffee taste and usually answer each person differently. Then after all the tasting and tell what flavor of coffee, Expert coffee first explain more about the coffee flavor.

Usually once a coffee tasting there are several kinds of coffee that was served, as Arabica kintamani and yellow Cattura. Finished the show, if a traveler wants to go have coffee at Café Culture can, and there are also provided pastries friends drinking kopi.

Coffee tasting is usually held once a month in the House Sanur which became operational two years. But if a traveler arriving in groups and want coffee tasting but there belom schedule, able to immediately contact Home Sanur only for reservation


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