10 Exotic Black Sand Beach in Bali – Part 1

Hello Travelers, are you looking for something black and exotic? Here’s some of black sand beach you can visit that spread in Bali Island, go check it out and find your own time to get there.

  1. Mengening Beach

The black sand beach which one singer will you meet if you visit pura tanah lot because adjacent.  Mengening beach located in the village cemangi, mengwi, badung regency, access diplomacy towards the beach very easy and also the streets paved and plastered on the directive board curb. Big black beach rock singer also with an there namely temple Luhur Batungaus Gede, if you come together at sunset time, do not forget to review pictures taken because romantic scenery very supportive.

  1. Nyanyi Beach

Still in close with Mengening Beach, there are other beautiful black sand beach is Nyanyi Beach or Singing Beach. The beauty of the black beach is visible from the flickering that makes this beach a little different from other black sand beaches. Flickering is produced by the reflection of sunlight exposed to the salt content in the sand. Nyanyi Beach located in the village, district of Kediri, Tabanan. No rocks on this beach so it is nice to roll around.

  1. Kelating Beach

The black sand beach is still located in Tabanan area. There is a Kelating beach with a very stunning scenery. Precisely located in Kelating village, district kerambitan, Tabanan. Easy access paved roads because and already many signs directive so easy to reach. Kelating beaches have surf rolls enough big so very loved by surfers. There is a rocks hill in near the Kelating beach and the little cave in it still there bat populations, quiet atmosphere that seemed to private beach. Kelating Beach also known as sea bream meeting place by air. There is a temple in beach named Timan Pura Luhur Agung.

  1. Lembeng Beach

In the village of Lembeng, Ketewel Village, District Sukawati, Gianyar, there is a charming black sand beach, Lembeng Beach have very high waves and sound waves are beautiful, very capable of making you fall asleep. Moreover, this beautiful beach has been facilitated by stalls selling food and drinks, restrooms and gazebo.

  1. Purnama Beach

Purnama Beach pinned name because of the many local tourists visit when the Full Moon. The magnificent of black sand beach is located in Banjar Lumpang Telabuh, Sukawati village, sub-district Sukawati, Gianyar. This beach can be reached within 50 km from the city of Denpasar. Access to this beach can also be passed through Spanish Standing Stones. As the beach in Bali in general, this beach is also used for religious ceremonies such as Melasti that sanctity is maintained.

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