Best Places To Eat And Shop At Night – Bali Night Market

Hello everyone, some of you might be wondering about a place where you can try the traditional food in Bali with a cheaper price and a crowded place, maybe you have to prepare yourself before knowing some of place you’re searching for. Here the 5 night market you should try when you visit Bali.

The Sanur Night Market

The Sanur night market, known as Pasar Malam Sindu, is in fact the nightly transformation of the traditional Sindu market where most of the locals and Sanur residents source their daily necessary, ritual items, and morning groceries. By night, usually starting around 18:00, it provides a sensory experience with its local food stalls opening up and meals on wheels rolling in before cooking up anything from lamb satay to fried rice at very local prices. The market’s large parking area serves as the main grounds for the night market.  A serving of chicken satay with 10 sticks and a plate of rice is merely between IDR 15,000 and 20,000, while a similar serving with lamb and a drink can be IDR 25,000-30,000.

Pasar Kereneng Night Market and Asoka Market

Pasar Kereneng Night Market and the nearby Asoka Market are difficult to differentiate due to their close proximity with each other, and are often referred to collectively as simply ‘Pasar Kreneng’. They form one of the Denpasar city’s largest traditional markets, after Badung Market, which is only 1.8km to the west. Well over a thousand vendors sell all sorts of items – most of which will tempt your curiosity more than your wallet, but popular items include batik cloths, traditional kitchen utensils, farming tools to groceries. Its transformation into the famous night market scene starts in the late afternoon around 16:00, when food stalls and carts wheel in.

The Kuta Night Markets

The Kuta Night Markets, otherwise known locally as Pasar Senggol Kuta, have long served the Kuta and Legian backpacking community with its very affordable dining scene with a wide variety of local cuisine. There are in fact two separate night markets that collectively share the ‘night market’ reference. The main market is on Jalan Blambangan, the same road where the Vihara Dharmayana Chinese Buddhist temple resides, and the second one is several minutes’ drive south on Jalan Tuan Lange. During the day, only a few stalls open, while others mostly cater to dinner times with certain types of cuisine requiring longer times to prepare: ‘gulai kambing’ (lamb stew) and ‘soto babat’ (clear aromatic beef tripe soup). It’s fair to say The Kuta Night Market is predominantly about cuisine. Opening Hours: Mon – Sun 18:00 – 23:00.

The Gianyar Night Market

The Gianyar Night Market is one of the main evening haunts for hungry locals and international visitors coming from and staying at the main resorts in Ubud. The market is located on Gianyar town’s Jalan Ngurah Rai. With a bustling market scene full of warungs and smaller stalls selling everything from live pets to all sorts of cuisine at cheap prices, clothing items and fashion accessories and kids stuff. The market is hard to miss and can be slightly chaotic with the traffic and hordes of scooters parked on one side of the road. The night scene is brilliant with the many fluorescent lamps at each stall. Although busier during the weekends, you visit any day of the week. Opening Hours: Mon – Sun 17:00 – 02:00.

Badung Market

The island’s main and largest traditional market, the Badung Market or ‘Pasar Badung’, and Kumbasari Art Market right next door across the Badung River are usually regarded as one. Badung Market is where locals from all over offer their wares, comprising fresh fruits, meat and poultry and groceries, while Kumbasari houses extensive choices of batiks, traditional ikat weave cloths, a dedicated floor where you can source wooden carvings, key rings and traditional and contemporary art paintings for souvenirs, and a number of jewellery stores offering locally produced golden necklaces and silver bracelets. Most of the kiosks at Kumbasari apply fixed prices, but are open to bargaining. Opening Hours: Mon – Sun 12:00 – 00.00.

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