7 Interesting Place In Bali You Should Travel!

Hello friends, is there anyone who likes travel to haunted place? If you like it here’s some interesting place you could visit while you enjoy Bali Island.

1. Taman Festival Sanur

Taman Festival which is located in Sanur is not completed,it has been abandoned since 14 Years Ago, this place used to be a nice place, but because there are a lot of accident, makes this place became abandoned and not maintain anymore. When you get there, you may find out some crocodile that live inside the park, so you have to becareful. But inside this park you also can take so many magnificent pictures with a nice and gorgeous background behind you.

2. Bali Traditional Cemetery (Trunyan Village)

There is a village named Kintamani Trunyan and there the dead were buried in the open under a tree. The cemetery is also known as a gathering place for the leak.

3. Ho Tsai Fa Ship No. 18

This ship stranded in Padang-Padang in 2008. Even more sinister again, the ship was stranded without a captain and crew of a single person. The ship now been lifted, but the eerie atmosphere still haunt the area.

4. Airplane Abandoned

The aircraft is located close to the Pandavas, in a remote hill. Despite the mysterious atmosphere, people were happy to visit this place, and planned to build a restaurant there.

5. Temple Pemuteran Underwater 

This Temple is located under the sea, near the Pemuteran Village, it’s a nice dive spot and a bit scary too. But you will be surprise when you get under the sea. You can see the beautiful and wonderful temple.

6. Karangasem Temple

The temple is located in the village of Tista was never completed and people never know why. But people believe that there are spirits that guard the temple.

7. Goa Lawah (Goa Kelelawar)

Goa is filled with a lot of bats, even during the day though. Some say that this cave has a secret path towards Besakih, but this mystery has never been solved.

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