Explore the Abandoned Theme Park in Bali – Taman Festival Sanur

Hello Travelers, are you like photograph? Or do you like to capture nice picture in a nice background? Here we have a nice for you to go, and this place also very strange, people called it Taman Festival Sanur, this magnificent place is located in Pandang Galak street, Kota Denpasar, provinsi Bali, Sanur, Bali.

Taman Festival is a vast yet never completed entertainment complex a 20-minute bicycle ride north from Sanur Beach. While the park had a soft opening in 1997, it closed its doors in 2000 and has been abandoned 14 years ago. Taman Festival isn’t a place to take the kids. Broken glass and rusting metal litter the walkways of this disturbingly sinister theme park.

The ticket office might have been boarded up long ago, but a shifty looking security guard ambled over and demanded an entrance fee of 10,000 Rupiah, or 1 USD, for the pleasure of a lovely day out at Bali’s most abandoned. Now, as the jungle grows through the dusty ruins of game stands and decrepit buildings, it’s more Jurassic Park than Thorpe Park.

You can even relax and chill out at The Turbo Theatre. It might not be functioning, but unlike many of the buildings it’s at least still standing. The inside was dark. There’s plenty of seating space though. Just watch out for bats and spiders. When the park was closed, the crocodiles in the animal enclosure were left in their pits. Supposedly the locals fed them live chickens for a while, until eventually the crocs resorted to cannibalism.

In Taman Festival Sanur you will find so many great background for you to take some pictures, such as the eye background, forest, an abandoned theater, etc. There wasn’t much left inside. It seemed like the remains of a canteen, except everything of any value had been looted years ago or had been carried off by bats.

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