Explore The Exotic Gunung Payung Beach – BALI

Hello Gorgeous, high five from Bali Island! One of the charms of Bali tourist spots which make tourists crave a vacation to Bali is the view of the beach, especially the white sand beach. Most of the white sand beach in Bali located in the southern part of Bali and some in the area of east Bali.

One of the white-sand beaches in southern Bali is very popular among domestic tourists and has become a favorite destination for domestic tourists while on holiday in Bali is Pandawa Beach. Maybe some of the readers have heard or ever visiting Bali beach which is always crowded with visitors, although currently low season in Bali.

One of the beautiful beaches “ Gunung Payung Beach” in Bali is hidden by traveler, and rarely visited by by travelers, but in a view years this Gunung Payung Beach will be popular by the visitor, just like Pandawa beach and another famous beach.


Location of Gunung Payung Beach

Gunung Payung Beach is located in Kutuh village, sub-district and is located in South Kuta Badung regency, the exact location is on the east coast of Bali Kutuh Pandavas. If you depart from the beach Pandavas Beach, distance of approximately 4.5 kilometers and takes about 20 minutes.

Location near the beach on your left side road leading to the beach there is a temple called Temple Mount Umbrella, so the name of this beach takes its name from the temple which is near the beach.

The road to the coast in the asphalt but the road closest to the beach is still a road chalk that you can skip using a car or motorcycle and the right side of the road is still expanse of weeds and some small trees.

At the end of the road, this is where you can park a vehicle, but to get on the beach, you have to down the stairs about three hundreds of steps that have been arranged by an iron fence alongside the stairs. Down 300 steps did not seem too difficult, the hard part is when you had returned to the car park by climbing about 300 steps.


Aktivitas & Pemandangan Pantai

In the coastal area, currently there’s no facility at Gunung paying Beach such as villas, hotels, restaurants. So you at least have to bring drinking water supplies before heading to the beach. Most domestic tourists who visit this beach, it tends to swim while sitting on the sand beach and sometimes you can see the travelers who Bali paragliding activity.

Due to the unavailability of fresh water for washing the body after it is exhausted to swim, so the body will feel sticky when dry up the sea water in the body. If other beaches such as Tanjung Benoa Bali, janitor who maintain the cleanliness of the beach have been there. While on the beach Gunung Payung no janitor, so if you are planning to visit this beach, please keep the area clean.


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