The Gorgeous Rooftop – Paras Paros Marina Lodge


Hello GOOD people, welcome to Bali Island happy day and happy weekend everyone. Today we would lke share you about the hidden place in Serangan Island – Bali. This place is one of the interest resort of Bali, the beach and the view look like Santorini Island. but this resort actually stil in the area of Serangan Island. While you in Bali but you don’t stay at Paras Paros Marina Lodge? Don’t worry, you can freely some to this resort and enjoy the magnificent view from the restaurant.

From the restaurant you can enjoy the view and see the activity a bunch of boat floating on the sea, and don’t forget to order some food and beverage, the Interest point of ‘Paras Paros Marina Lodge’ resort is the marine theme. You also can stay and spend a lot of time here. Soo.. what are you waiting for? Here let me tell you about the location of the lodge.


Paras Paros Marina Lodge is located in Tukad Punggawa street No. 123, Serangan Island – Bali, if you come from By Pass Ngurah Rai street just go straight to the Serangan Island, until you find the postal ticket on the left will lead you to the dock which has a lot of ships, just follow the path until you see the White Hotel and blue door, or you can use your map application to show you the way and search “’Paras Paros Marina Lodge “.



The Point of this interest location exact located on the top of the Hotel (Rooftop), the rooftop open start from 17.00 PM, so you can enjoy the beautiful sunset covered with the gorgeous view or marine theme. If you order some beverage the price is competitive. If you interest with this place, you can celebrate your simple wedding ceremony and party in this place and don’t forget to get your friend here.




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