Education During Holiday – Shell Museum in Bali

Hello everybody, talking about Bali that has so many type of interest place is infinity, but today we would like to bring you back to the museum, Bali Shell Museum is located in Sunset Road kuta, 12 kilometers away from Denpasar City, and if you come from Ngurah Rai International Airport it takes about 15 minutes. You may be bored if you go to the museum and feels like wasting time, but this museum will amazed just from the outside. So what are you waiting for, let’s check this out first.

Bali Not only qualified in the field of tourism the highlight aspect pleasure and the crowds, but also notice about educational aspect. Bali Shell Museum that was Build in 2009 by Collector from Surabaya, called Mr. Oentoeng Sutanto is the first Shell Museum in Indonesia. This Museum not only became the tourist attractions but also as provide the education not only for children but also for all people.

With modern-style building, in Bali Shell Museum consists of three floors which functioned as a display of various types of shells and fossils from around the world. Some types of shells on display at this museum among others:

  • Fossil shells similar to calamari – squid are 400 million years old
  • Crinoid – fossil shells similar to flowering plants 440 million years old
  • Crinions – Asia’s largest fossil shells with a width of 1.4 meters and weighing 170 kg
  • Cypraea Moneta – the scallops were antiquity ever made in legal tender.


Besides you can see the various types of shells of ancient, in Bali Shell Museum you can also watch a video documentary about the trip to get the mussels are served in a room with a home theater facility.
The most existing facilities at the museum are the home theater that shows the process of search and discovery of fossils in this place. So in addition to see the shape and form of ancient objects that, you also have the opportunity to see behind the distress procession discovery and search these shells.

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