Tasty Seafood at Jimbaran – Menega Seafood Restaurant

Welcome to Bali Island everyone, we hope you have a great Monday, have you ever craving for foods for your whole life? Especially for seafood, if you’re craving for seafood today we should suggest you the best place to have your seafood dinner in bali, this place called Menega Café Restaurant, Menega restaurant is located in four Season Muaya Street, Jimbaran beach, South Kuta – Bali. Menega café and restaurant serve the freshes seafood for you and the quality is number one.

menega cafe

This restaurant has a unique way to serve seafood, all the seafood will grilled nicely with a sensational taste, juicy and delicious. There are a lot of various available seafood which you can choose according to taste, such as various types of fish, shrimp, scallops, calamari and lobster. You also have the opportunity to see the roasting process because it is in the front of the restaurant.

In Menega Cafe restaurants are available in two places to eat, so that you can choose indoor or outdoor. If you love the beach and the sound of the waves in the evening we suggest you to choose outdoor, because you can feel the delicious meal with a romantic view with your friends, partner or family and accompanied by a beautiful chandelier.

Menega cafe restaurant will welcome you by providing start-up menu in the form of nuts as a snack and fruit to feed the cover, you can order the menu you want on the other hand there are also packages and set menu that easier for you to choose foods and beverages.

You can come and enjoy a meal in the restaurant during the day or at night, Menega restaurant closes at 23:00. The most appropriate time for you to feel the romantic atmosphere place is in the evening, so you can come to Menega Cafe and Restaurant before sunset in the afternoon.

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