Super Striking Restaurant Ever – Mexicola Motel

Mexico cuisine in Indonesia may very rarely found in cities, although it can be found probably still minimal place because fans may be very little or limited to a few circles only. But in Bali Island there is a restaurant serving typical Mexican cuisine is very popular for tourists when traveling there. The restaurant is Motel Mexicola. Never heard it?


Motel Mexicola is a colourful and quirky Mexican bar and restaurant down Jalan Kayujati. It’s just a minutes’ walk from La Lucciola and Petitenget temple, and a stone’s throw from Sense Hotel Seminyak. Motel Mexicola located in coastal Petitenget areas which is also the mainstay tourism object Bali provincial administration, where hotel and restaurant has a distinctive building that smelled ala Mexico.

Semi-outdoor concept designed by the owner indicates that the natural atmosphere like being in a country like Mexico helped inspire the founding of the hotel and restaurant. Among the buildings and scenery around Motel Mexicola looks very striking here

Motel Mexicola featuring the ethnic his Mexican not only through the concept and decor, but also taste the typical food of Mexico is able to pamper its visitors, in addition to the traditional music of Mexico is also often adorn the splendor of the feel of a thick Mexican island of Bali.The service side Motel Mexicola promote international standards of service, so do not be surprised when you visit this place.


Do you want to know the food or drinks in restaurants Mexico on the island of Bali? Anything that can be found, Here’s the most favorite menu..


Typical Mexican food can be found at Motel Mexicola, Tacos basically been worldwide and is recognized as a very tasty meal in the hearts of his fans. Tacos are folds Tortilla bread rolls filled with contents like-omelet and a combination of meat, sausage, and potatoes. Tacos is suitable when you enjoy in Motel Mexicola during breakfast, because it is the habit of eating Mexican society as a snack in the morning.

2. Nachos

Nachos can also be ordered at the Motel Mexicola in Bali. Nachos are based Tortilla chips smothered with melted cheese. The food is very tasty, those who have never tried to be tried in Motel Mexicola Bali.

3. Xocalatl

Xocalatl a typical hot drink of Mexico-based chocolate bitter, but in its development this drink has been mixed with various ingredients that make Mexico into a culinary connoisseurs easily feel the flavor is much better because it tasted bitter.

4. Cocktail Margarita

This cocktails is the pride of the Mexican cocktail. Taste very sour and full of fresh lemon scent, so make your tongue become addicted felt when drinking it. Typical Mexican fruit cocktail is much sought after by lovers of food / beverage typical of Mexico.

5. Burritos

Burritos is similar to meat kebabs, but at Motel Mexicola burritos cuisine is bread Tortilla content of meat and vegetables typical of Mexico. The cuisine is very popular also by the culinary connoisseur Mexico.

6. Guacamole

The cuisine is based sauces are made from avocado. Mexicans are very fond of avocado, one way of processing is to process into cooking sauce, known as guacamole sauce. Guacamole flavor of the sauce was very sweet, delicious and tasty because the sauce is naturally based. Typically Mexican cuisine is served with a combination of the other menus.

There are so many choices of the menu, at least that’s some cuisine menu mainstay Motel Mexicola capable of bewitching the tongue of the visitors as well as bringing the flavor eating Mexican cuisine.


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