Hide and Learn – Secret Garden Village

Bali is still a paradise for tourists both domestic and foreign tourist, Bali Island is still a tourist magnet in Indonesia. Island of Gods that never deserted it has a variety of tourist destinations to enjoy, from the coast to the mountains. If during the Bali synonymous with beaches, this time Bali has a new destination in mountainous areas are no less interesting.


Since it opened on May 2, 2016, Secret Garden Village Bali became one of the favorite tourist destinations of tourists in Tabanan, to enjoy the natural beauty of Lake Bedugul. Secret Garden Village is one of the new tourist destinations in Bali, located in Jalan Raya Denpasar, KM 36, Bedugul, Tabanan, Bali. This destination travel carries the concept of educational visits and factory outlets, where you can try a variety of interesting activities during the period of stay 1 hour.

Secret Garden Village Name chosen for its unique architecture, combines elements of modern and traditional Balinese. Building at the Secret Garden Village is inspired by the mountains in the vicinity. Upon entering the site, you will explore each space has its own peculiarities.

Standing on an area of 4 hectares in Tabanan, Bali, the educational tour visitors will be invited to see firsthand the history and journey one beauty product native to Indonesia, Herborist. Among other forms of educational activities Beauty Heritage Museum Tour, Mini Plant, Theatre that plays a short film about the history of cosmetics and not less interesting, visitors will be invited to enter the area Herborist Beauty Factory Outlet to feel and see firsthand production factory production Herborist like in Semarang.


Satisfied exploring one by one area in the Secret Garden, at the end of the tour participants will receive educational tour about coffee. Here visitors can learn the process of concocting a barista-style coffee at a time to visit and rest for a moment in the coffee shop and will spoil the coffee lovers. Black Eye Coffee because there are different types of coffee from various regions in Indonesia such as Toraja, Lampung, Aceh, Java, and much more.

To document your moments, many interesting spots in the Secret Garden Village for you to take some picture together, the garden with beautiful garden decoration, especially if the evenings when the lights were turned on. New tourist destinations in Bali has a slogan The Next Iconic Destination of Bali Island, it is easily accessible and has a large area, more than 4 acres, suitable for family tourism.


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